SKIMspiration 2010

On October 28, 2010 we celebrated the opening of TRIGGERPOINT – our brand new venue for qualitative research and creative workshops – and our SKIM Office 2.0, completely tuned to flexible and global working. We were both honored and excited that many of our Benelux contacts joined us in this celebration in the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam.

QEP Marketing Clinic — Introduction by Derek E Roberts

Derek talks about QEP’s background and experience, the power of understanding consumer emotions over conventional physical and technical sensory knowledge, and finally QEP’s solution and proprietary methodology which enables deep analysis to be translated into a unique but easy to understand language. The Taste Signature® is the proprietary and exclusively practised methodology of QEP Marketing Clinic.

Usability Testing First Insights Part 5 Study of Obama vs. McCain Websites

At the conclusion of each one-on-one interview we asked; Which Site is More User Friendly? Followed by: Did spending time on these sites help change your status as an undecided voter and if so, who are you learning toward?

Gadgets for Researchers

John Griffiths of ‘Planning Above And Beyond’, like me, loves gadgets. Here he talks about his latest discovery: See other gadgets on his website.

Eye tracking on door-to-door leaflet

This is a example of a project done with eye tracking and door-to-door leaflets. Goals objective of using eye tracking and qualitative research is to improve attention value (products, package) and to find guidelines on improvement of the design. It’s a very powerful method for advertisers to understand the way their audience is reading and be more effective with communication. More info at, International consultant Eye Tracking


THE PROPER WAY OF PERFORMING A REVERSE DUNK *Notes/Recommendations are written and further discussed on each frame.

Recovery Series 02: Qualitative Measurement

Keeping track of qualitative factors through a log or journal can be a powerful lens to help you focus on your training.

Qualitative Moments 7

Qualitative Moments part 7 Dokumentation und Evaluation, FH St Pölten – kids im tower

Performing high quality research

Ethnographic App

Another sneak preview